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Weight-Melt is a new concept in weight management. Its focus is the entire person and not just scales and numbers. We address issues such as hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, stress and sleep  which may be contributing factors. We prescribe all known therapeutic weight management medications in conjunction with balancing the body. We evaluate metabolic systems and come up with a treatment plan designed especially for you.

Each visit to the office is designed to fully evaluate your progress and adjust factors that maybe holding you back. Lab results and medications are reviewed to look for patterns previously missed by other weight loss programs. 

We aim to get you locked into a progressive and consistent weight loss pattern.  Physical activity and exercise therapy options are implemented based on what you should be doing to achieve your target weight. 

Yes, many times its not just about eating! Nutritional deficiencies can trigger weight gain by making you eat in an effort to find and correct what might be missing in your body. We actively investigate and correct this. Hormones and aging are additional factors that many times need targeted treatment.  

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Hania Alaidroos, MD

Dr Alaidroos is a board certified physician with extensive knowledge in weight management and therapeutic options targeted at improving health. She has been repeatedly recognized as a Top Doctor by D-Magazine. She is here to help you achieve your goals. Come see her and finally find that happier, healthier, sexier you! 

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Uscriptives Vitamins

Pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements. Speak with Dr Alaidroos about which ones are best for you.